November 17, 2007


Added sites

1. Animations from Tanya Atwater

See "N.E. Pacific and W. North America Plate History, 38 Ma to Present" for evolution of the San Andreas fault system.

2. NASA AstroVenture - suggested by Jill Fischer

Geology module:  tectonics the carbon cycle, climate change
Biology module: energy cycle


3. DJ Minerals

Source for rock and mineral kits.  We used the RK10 kit ($8.50) which matches the flow charts.  The MK10 kit ($8.50) goes with the minerals flow chart.    

 PowerPoint presentation: Volcanoes and the Earth System 


1. Volcanoes and Plate Boundaries

2. How Do Igneous Rocks Form?

3. USGS Volcanoes!  Teaching Guide



Where to get salol


Recommended  Links

1. Supervolcano  from the Discovery Channel

2. Exploring the Environment  Volcanoes Module

3.  From Alan Robock (Rutgers University)
Volcanic Eruptions and Climate PowerPoint (PowerPoint Presentation for teaching) (scroll down on page to find presentation)

4. VolcanoWorld

5.  From NASA:  Volcanoes and Climate Change