Earthquakes and Volcanoes

January 20, 2007


Additions: 1/22/07

The trench on the Hayward fault in Fremont is closed.

The Bay Area Has Its Faults Activity

Viscosity Activity

Understanding Volcanic Hazards Video - Questions

Tsunami Activity

Virtual Earthquake: An online version of epicenter location exercise




1. On-line exercise




   On-line earthquakes activity- Word Document 

2.   Magnitude vs. Intensity Activity - USGS


3.  Other Resources



1. Build Your Own Volcano


Build Your Own Volcano - Word document

2.  Other resources

Understanding Volcanicl Hazards Video - Ordering Information
The 2006 Submarine Ring of Fire expedition is the third in a series of explorations of the submarine volcanoes lying along the Mariana Arc

VolcanoWorld including a "Kid's Door"

Michigan Tech's Volcano Page

How Volcanoes Work

USGS Volcanoes!  Teacher's Guide and Lessons

What Are Volcanic Hazards? USGS Fact Sheet

Seismic/Eruption Teaching Modules

Volcanoes and Weather - USGS

USGS Cascades Volcanoes Observatory (CVO)

CVO Maps and Graphics

Photoglossary of Volcano Terms - USGS

Earthforce! In the Core from the Franklin Institute